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Get to Know Us

The Somali Bantu Community Corporation of Cleveland (SBCCOC) is an officially recognized 501 (C)(3) non-profit organization founded by Somali Bantu immigrants in 2005. It is Central Ohio's leading voice for Somali immigrants and first grass-roots organization to serve the Somali refugee community. The SBCCOC was the first grass-roots Somali organization in Cleveland Ohio, and the first to provide services to the Somali community.

We advocate and promote self-sufficiency for families through employment, education, cultural and social support and economic empowerment. We serve elders, working adults, teens and children at no charge. Special support and attention go to recent immigrants who seek to create new lives in the United States.


Our mission is to provide the guidance and services needed to empower and aid Somalis and other refugees as they integrate into American society. 


To provide the Somali community educational, cultural and life-skill training programs in an effort to promote self-sufficiency within and among individuals and families comprising not only the Somali community, but all refugees, immigrants and low-income families and individuals in need of service.

Our organization is focusing on education as a means of "bridging the gap" for refugees and as such provides a full range of workshops and classes to meet their needs.

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